Handheld oscilloscopes are oscilloscopes with extended scope functions which make units ideal for hobby, service, automotive and development purposes.

Suitable for measurements on audio equipment, mains voltage applications, digital signals, all kind of sensors, signal analysis in automotive applications, car stereo, etc...

Its full auto setup function, makes measuring waveforms very easy.

Handheld oscilloscope compact
Handheld oscilloscope
Handheld oscilloscope full

The effect is similar to looking at the display of an analogue real-time oscilloscope.

Are packed with handy features which enables to perform on-the-spot measurements quick, easy and accurate. Are high-contrast, wide viewing angle LCD screen enables operation under normal daylight conditions.

The current operating mode is displayed on-screen.

If desired, auto-setup mode takes care of all scope settings for instant visualisation of waveforms. The marker function enables to make accurate measurements of voltage, time and frequency. Acting as a DVM, it displays True rms, dB, peak-to-peak and DC volts.

A RS232 port enables screen data to be sent to a PC for use in different applications.

Price range: $ 160 to $ 3500