PC Oscilloscopes INFORMATION

A new kind of oscilloscope is appearing, consists of an external analogue to digital converter connected to a PC that provides the display, disc storage, networking and power.

This is called PC Oscilloscope, have a lower cost and is suitable for education.-

The advantages of PC oscilloscopes are:
  • Lower cost.
  • Easy exporting of data to standard PC software.
  • Ability to control the instrument by running a custom program on the PC.
  • Use of the PC'snetworking and disc storage functions, which cost extra when added to a self-contained oscilloscope.
  • Easier portability when used with a laptop PC.
pc oscilloscope
pc oscilloscope small
pc oscilloscope
pc oscilloscope large
There are also some disadvantages:
  • Need for the owner to install oscilloscope software on the PC.
  • Time taken for the PC to boot.
  • Reduced portability when used with a desktop PC.
  • Inconvenience of using part of the PC's screen for the oscilloscope display.

Some models include an Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) and have a Smart POD expansion connector on the front for logic probes and external signal processing modules.

PC oscilloscope are designed to meet both budget and technical requirements. You have from low-cost, $ 127 to $ 1470, an oscilloscope offers the functionality of a traditional digital oscilloscope, in a portable and easy-to-use package. When used with a data logging software oscilloscopes can also be used as high speed data loggers.